National Cargo Movers provides full support in handing your shipments.

We provide allied services like Insurance, Packing, Custom Clearence and loading and unloading of consignments. Looking for seperate egency for each of these allied works keeps you under more pressure and become expensive.

National Cargo covers all these services under one roof to make your life simple and easy. You can leave these works to us and concentrate on your business.

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To ensure complete safety of the goods, we cover it under insurance to make up the losses during transition. To manage the contingenciesinsurance is must. Different types of insurance offered by us are: Moving Insurance, Auto Insurance, Packing Insurance etc.

Documentation of Insurance :

Insurance document covers all the details and are signed by the customer and the representative of the company. The documents contains allthe details, terms and conditions clearly. There are two types of Insurance services available in market, Transit Insurance and Comprehensive Insurance.

Transit Insurance

The most common type of insurance cover offer by the company is the Transit Insurance which charge certain premium on the declared value. The compensation however is only made in the case of accident.

Comprehensive Insurance

Under comprehensive insurance, compensation is paid for any damages except for scratches. If cover is required for glassware or other fragile items, additional premium has to be paid to the company



One of the most time consuming tasks of any move is packing everything up ready for the moving day. We all have far more possessions than we think and packing them away can be a long and laborious task. Why not let us pack your goods since we have the experience required to efficiently and safely pack your goods ready for transportation.

Good Packing means :

  • Wrapping Items carefully
  • Using strong cartons, boxes and packing materials of good quality
  • Packing of goods using packing material as per the nature of items

Packing of goods should be done professionally to avoid the risk of damage. A good packing of belongings ensures for safe and secure transportation of goods. To help make your move as trouble and stress free as possible,National Cargo Movers can offer you a packing service that will fit your individual needs. We provide a fragile packing service for kitchens and lounges and full packing service for every room and out building of your home. All our staff are fully trained and we use all the latest purpose made materials to ensure your items are moved in the safest possible condition.National Cargo Movers can also provide you with all the necessary packing materials needed for your own packing should you choose to do it yourself.

The packing materials include:
  • Removal Boxes
  • Cardboard Wardrobes
  • Book Cartons
  • Archive Boxes
  • Export Wrap
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Packs of Paper
  • Parcel Tape
  • Mattress Covers
  • Suite Covers

  • Can be provided as a stand-alone service
  • Can be combined with any of our other services such as Removals and Storage
  • Packing Materials and Packaging Materials included in the service
  • Experienced Packers and Movers who will expertly pack your goods
  • Undertaken at your convenience prior to removal or being moved into Storage Units

Custom Clearence

All goods imported into India have to pass through the procedure of customs for proper examination, appraisal, assessment and evaluation. This helps the custom authorities to charge the proper tax and also check the goods against the illegal import. Also it is important to note that no import is allowed in India if the importer doesn't have the IEC number issued by the DFGT. There is no requirement of IEC number if the goods are imported for the personal use.

Goods imported in a vessel/aircraft attract customs duty and unless these are not meant for customs clearance at the port/airport of arrival by particular vessel/aircraft and are intended for transit by the same vessel/aircraft or transshipment to another customs station or to any place outside India, detailed customs clearance formalities of the landed goods have to be followed by the importers. In regard to the transit goods, so long as these are mentioned in import report/IGM for transit to any place outside India, Customs allows transit without payment of duty. Similarly for goods brought in by particular vessel aircraft for transshipment to another customs station detailed customs clearance formalities at the port/airport of landing are not prescribed and simple transshipment procedure has to be followed by the carrier and the concerned agencies.

TOur custom clearance services include:
  • Customs Documentation
  • Carting & Receiving Goods
  • Examination of Shipment
  • Handling of stuffing & de-stuffing at Ports
  • Custom Clearance

The customs clearance formalities have to be complied with by the importer after arrival of the goods at the other customs station. There could also be cases of transshipment of the goods after unloading to a port outside India. Here also simpler procedure for transshipment has been prescribed by regulations, and no duty is required to be paid.

The experienced technical experts at National Cargo Movers Pvt Ltd can help your goods clear quickly and efficiently with our automated customs-clearance network. Our customs experts can guide you through the complexity of customs department. We handle all import & export permit requirements for goods. Our services are customized as per the requirements of the client.


Loading and Unloading

Loading of goods is an important task for any kinds of relocation situation. Proper loading of goods avoids the risks of damages. It requires extra care and experience because loading of goods is risky and it is possible goods would be damages while loading by inexpert hands. So to avoid such situations or risks on loading process we at Packers and Movers provide safe & secure loading services.

Like loading, unloading of goods is also of great importance. It should be also done with extreme care to avoid the risks of damages. Unloading of goods can be a chaotic and annoying task. To help our clients we also provide careful unloading services at our company – Nation Cargo Packers

We know that moving house can be one of the most stressful activities someone can engage in, and for this reason we seek to make your move as easy and stress-free as possible. We work closely with our customers to ensure that things are done just the way they want them, so they can head into their new home and relax.

Need loading and unloading services in India? Just give us an opportunity to serve you. We assure you for hassle free and economical loading & unloading experience.

What we do on our loading services :What we offer and do on our unloading services :
  • We arrange packed boxes or carton near the moving vehicle or truck
  • Loading of goods by expert & laborious workers
  • Safe and careful placement of boxes on the transportation truck
  • Placement of boxed as per the nature of goods
  • We put heavy boxes or cartons at the bottom of the vehicle
  • Fasten the boxes and cartons with good quality ropes.
  • Cover the boxes and goods using good quality and waterproof sheets.
  • Safe & secure unloading of goods with the help of expert workers
  • Use modern equipments to unload heavy boxes of items
  • Unloading of goods properly to avoid the risks of damages
  • Also support and assistance on unpacking & rearranging of goods

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